Historic Homes and Churches

Our heritage and culture preserved through architecture

Founded in 1820, Helena has an impressive number of historic homes that have been preserved over the years. Antebellum and Victorian homes can be found throughout the city, particularly in and around the downtown district. These historic homes and churches provide wonderful glimpses into the life of the Old South. Most of the homes remain private residences, so please respect the owners’ property and privacy rights.

  • Centennial Baptist Church

    Centennial Baptist Church has been designated a National Historic Landmark for its association with Elias Camp Morris, one of our…

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  • St. Catherine Convent & Academy

    Refugee slaves found shelter in one of the St. Catherine's barns, and the Sisters of Mercy nursed Confederate and Union…

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  • Beth El Heritage Hall

    Jews first settled in Helena in the early 1840s. In addition to serving Jews in Helena, Beth El was a…

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  • Altman Sellers House

    Built in 1914. Designed by Estelle Altman after her marriage to Dr.Gustave Altman, this house is a rare combination of…

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  • Coolidge Houses

    These three houses were built by Charles Royal Coolidge between 1878 and 1882 originally were identical in size and roofline. Mr.…

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  • Coolidge-Peterson House

    Built in 1880. This Queen Anne cottage was the home for newlyweds Charles R. and Anna Leslie Moore Coolidge. The…

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  • Dinning-Hutchens House

    The Dinning-Hutchens House is a uniquely styled Colonial Revival and modified English Tudor inspired Craftsman house that is architecturally singular…

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  • Edwardian Inn

    From the first step you take into the Edwardian Inn, you cannot help but be swept back in time. You…

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  • Estevan Hall

    Fleetwood Hanks’ descendants lived in this house for 170 years. The history of the Hanks family, their Civil War experiences,…

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