Birding the Helena Delta

birdingHelena is home to all sorts of beautiful species of birds and nature. Arrange a guided tour into unspoiled wildlife habitats, start out at the top of the morning with a hot cup of joe brewed over an open fire—and breakfast, too!  Experience some of the best birding of Eastern Arkansas all within minutes of Helena’s historic downtown.  As you watch for a glimpse of the Least Tern, or Swainson’s Warbler, let your senses take it all in. Maybe this is the chance you’ve been waiting for—to spot the Mississippi Kite, or the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker!

And, when you’re ready to hang up your binoculars, why not tour Victorian homes, visit Helena’s “Sacred Spaces,” or take the tour that we call our “Heart & Soul.”   Helena is the only place in Arkansas that you’ll see Civil War battle sites where Freedmen first enlisted in the Union Army.  The Delta is also known for the river that runs through it—and its the birth place of the blues!  So, make the most of it.  Hop a canoe through the Mississippi River swamps and wetlands by day and motor legendary stops along the blues trail by night. From birding to blues—the Helena Delta is the perfect vacation getaway!