Helena Adventure Trails

The Helena Adventure Trails is a system of multiple hiking and biking trails that connect US Bicycle Route 80, the Mississippi River State Park, Helena-West Helena, the Helena River Park and the Delta Heritage Trail State Park.

two adults riding bikes through the St. Francis National Forest on the Helena Ridge Ride route

Helena Ridge Ride

This bike route connects the Mississippi River State Park to the Delta Heritage Trail State Park along the Big River Trail. The path is approximately 37 miles and has paved, gravel and dirt roads. A mid-point is historic downtown Helena, Arkansas where we invite you to rest and eat a sandwich!

To the North of the trail, at Marianna, you can connect to USBR 80 for cross-country travel.

To the South of the trail you can connect to the Delta Heritage trail which currently extends 20 miles south to Elaine, Arkansas.

Currently, the Helena Ridge Ride is not marked, so we strongly advise downloading the offline version of this route through google maps.


Additional HA Trail info coming soon!