Warfield Concerts

warfieldThese outstanding musical events are free of charge to all through the generosity of a former citizen of Helena. The late Samuel Drake Warfield provided in his will the means for setting up the concerts which have been named for him.

“S. D.” as he was known to his friends, was born November 29, 1900, and died on January 1, 1967. He lived in Helena all his life. He and his parents were lifelong members of the Methodist Church.

Warfield never married nor did he have any close relatives. When he was still a young man, he decided to make provisions for his two most important interests, his friends and his music. His estate consisted mainly of farmland in Phillips and Lee counties. At Warfield’s death, this farmland was sold at public auction, and the money was placed in trust for these concerts. His will bears testimony to his noble generosity and breadth of spirit.