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About the Helena A&P

What is the Helena Advertising & Promotion (A&P) Commission?

The Advertising and Promotion Commission was created in 2006 by Ordinance 5 pursuant to the provisions of A.C.A 26-75-605, by the City Council to administer the Advertising and Promotion Fund. Two percent of all revenues generated by the local Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant (HMR) Tax are credited to the A&P Fund and made available for purposes determined by the A&P Commission.

The A&P Fund can be used for the following purposes:

  • Advertising and promoting the city and its environs through various forms.
  • Construction, reconstruction, extension, improvement, maintenance and operation of a convention center or tourist promotion center.
  • Operation of tourist-oriented facilities including theme parks and family entertainment facilities.
  • Construction, reconstruction, extension, improvement, maintenance and operation of public recreation facilities.

The Helena Advertising and Promotion Commission is made up of seven commissioners. Two from the hotel industry, two from the restaurant industry, two city council members, and one at large position. Commissioners must live in Helena. The commissioners meet the first Thursday of the month at city hall.

The current A & P Commissioners are:

Commissioner Affiliation
Dominic Campbell Wendy’s
Vacant Vacant
Cathy Cunningham At-large
Monica Davis City-Council
Don Etherly City-Council
Pat Roberson Sonic Drive-in
LaToya Harris Bistro Bar & Grill

A&P funds have supported projects and organizations such as: